A day in the life…of Montessori Fun


Each child has a chance to find themselves here, and to explore who they are without their families. Our goals are that the children learn to love school and receive an excellent foundation for a lifetime of learning.

 Daily Schedule

8:30 Arrival Transition– Short and sweet good byes are easiest! (Text us for quick updates on how your child is doing.)  Playdo, art projects and outside play
9:15 Ring Bell, line up, take roll,come inside,  change into slippers
9:30 First Circle Fun Spanish songs, games, and stories, new work presentations
10:00 Free choice work time, including snack
10:30 Bathroom reminders (we remind little ones every hour or as needed)
11:00 Second Circle (English) ABC’s Letter of the Week Sharing, stories, calendar, jobs, lessons and presentations
11:30 Outside play
11:45 Wash hands and lunch program -two children set the table for everyone and we hold hands and sing a simple “Bon Apetite” song in the language chosen by the job reporter. We practice good manners and have pleasant conversation or stories
12:15 They take turns to clear their place and wash their dishes ( we put them in the dishwasher later)
12:30 Morning class goes home outside play art projects
1:00 Afternoon class a long story  followed by table work, kindergarten preparation and individual work time
2:15 wash hands, have snack

The children learn to sit ,”criss-cross applesauce”  at circle, with practice.

The classroom is a peaceful place, a place of working and quiet for concentration, or relative quiet amid the occasional singing, and chatting between the children.They learn good study habits and responsibility when they choose and carry the work  from the shelves to a table or rug, do the work job respectfully, and return it  ready for the next person.They clean up any spills with “drying cloths” available to them and return the cloth to the basket when finished.

The children love having a place of their own to care for, and it is just for them! They have small chairs, small utensils to clean up with, fun things set up for them to do within a consistent structure they can count on.

Afternoon class is usually small and the children really reap the benefit of the low ratio with extra long stories and one on one curriculum. We have excellent kindergarten prep and often parents choose to keep them here instead of a transitional kindergarten(TK) program if they are not old enough to enter Kindergarten in Sept.

Montessori Fun Home Preschool

9800 Veronica Drive Windsor, CA 95492Owner: Diane Rose License # 490170838


(707) 838-4632 info@montessorifun.com


Open August - May following the Windsor School District calendar.

Open until 2:30


For children 3-6 years old*

*Under 3 with Director's approval

Our mission is to empower children with social and academic skills, responsibility, confidence, respect for others, love for school and learning, and appreciation for our world and its beauty and balance.