Next Steps:

1. Email or text 707-292-3051 and book a tour or request more info

2. Submit enrollment papers and registration fee

3. We will contact you regarding acceptance and day availability

Schedule and fees:

Annual registration fee is $100.00 to be submitted with the application. Please indicate 1st and  2nd choices of days.  Apply early – spaces limited. Please email for current forms and pricing 

Preschool with lunch program  8:30-12:30    
Preschool educational group experience with two trained teachers, Spanish lesson daily
Plus lunch program- using good manners, sitting while eating, taking turns setting the table, cleaning up after themselves and washing their own dishes (we wash them in the dishwasher daily)
bring a healthy lunch, snack provided  (Option to pick up at 11:30 if your child until child is ready for lunch)
2 mornings              
3 mornings               * Most popular! Great option!
5 mornings                                                                                

Preschool plus PreK Full Day – 8:30 -2:30     
Preschool instruction, lunch program PLUS PreK  

Includes all of the above plus small group instruction with a trained teacher for excellent Kindergarten preparation or can serve as a  TK Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten. Children work at own pace in small groups with Montessori and traditional educational materials and curriculum.
bring a lunch, two snacks provided
2 days                     
3 days                        Recommended option for a 4-year-old preparing for Kindergarten!
5 days                         The more they are here the more they learn!  

Let’s Get Ready for Kinder PreK TK Ages 4-6 Afternoons 11:30-2:30
snack provided-  Spaces limited
3 days                       Best for Kindergarten preparation focus on a budget!
5 days                       



Ages 3-6, under 3 depending on readiness and based on developmental guidelines

Readiness skills to work on for morning programs:

1. Drink from an open cup, stay seated while eating and use a spoon and fork
2. Wash and dry hands effectively with minimal help
3.Use the bathroom independently or with minimal help
4. Be able to sit and listen to a short story
5. Doesn’t put everything in the mouth anymore
6. Independently put on  shoes with velcro closure
7. Working on listening and following directions

We follow the Windsor School District Calendar and begin the Fall session in August

Save your days now! Contact us today-Spaces are limited.


We base our calendar on the Windsor School District schedule, which starts in August and goes until the end of May, and are closed school holidays and close early for parent/teacher conferences. We usually offer a part time fun summer program

School starts in mid August 

Schedule Options

Submit a first and second choice of days for 2, 3, or 5 day options
Morning preschool
8:30 – 12:30   includes Spanish every day, music and dance weekly and lunch program with table setting, washing their dishes and social skills
Full days:    8:30  – 2:30 pm everything plus  PreK
New!Let’s Get Ready for Kinder! Kindergarten, PreK, TK  afternoon class -12:45-2:30  Ages 4-6 focuses on individually paced kindergarten readiness social and academic skills, includes snack but does not include all the activities of the morning or full day classes.



Fees are based on the yearly tuition and can be paid yearly, quarterly, or in monthly installments. The payments are tax deductible as child care.
Please email Diane at with questions and to arrange a visit!.

We are new to Montesorri Fun, and have been so impressed by the sincere care. Our son was really nervous about "going to school" (tears, you know - the whole thing) but within a couple of weeks, comes home and says "I had FUN at school!" He has already started to tidy up more consistently, his motor skills and social skills get better every day, he sings all the time, and his focus keeps improving, all at a much more rapid pace than what we would have expected. Super excited to be a part of this new little community! Genevieve T

Montessori Fun Home Preschool

9800 Veronica Drive Windsor, CA 95492Owner: Diane Rose License # 490170838


(707) 838-4632


Open August - May following the Windsor School District calendar.

Open until 2:30


For children 3-6 years old*

*Under 3 with Director's approval

Our mission is to empower children with social and academic skills, responsibility, confidence, respect for others, love for school and learning, and appreciation for our world and its beauty and balance.