Who Was Dr Maria Montessori?

Maria Tecla Artemisia Montessori; August 31, 1870 – May 6, 1952)was the first woman medical practitioner in Italy. She developed the rich and extensive academic curriculum with beautiful hands-on materials that is seen in Montessori Schools worldwide, serving infancy through high school.

Maria Montessori was a woman ahead of her time. She developed an amazing curriculum through respect, admiration and countless hours of observation of children and their needs and ways they learn best.  Each Montessori school around the world has their own touch and are independently owned. Dr Montessori has written many books and there is a lot of information available regarding her amazing teaching method and beautiful insightful learning materials available that are still invauable today.

What are the basic elements of Montessori Curriculum?

1.Respect for the child, Children at a young age have great intellectual needs and capacity
2. Independence and responsibility Children put their work back and clean up after themselves
3. “Hands on” education, children learn by doing and use real tools rather than pretending for example: learning to really sweep with a child sized broom that works, instead of pretending to sweep
4. Teachers complete a two year training including intensive class work, internship and finals.
5. Multi age classroom benefits all ages with confidence, inspiration, nurturing, and responsibility
6. “Prepared Environment”   enables children’s independence; the classroom is set up with the needs of the particular children in mind. Freedom within limits offers  age appropriate opportunities for learning.
7. Learning manners, “Grace and Courtesy” are actually part of the curriculum
8. Work jobs teach children to finish the work cycle as a solid base for study skills, lifelong  good habits
9. Academics are offered at an early age, many children progress into reading and math skills depending on individual readiness. They enjoy learning with the beautiful and well devised, hands on Montessori materials. Concentration and focus are respected and encouraged
10.With free choice of individual work jobs the children always have their hands busy and the teacher is available to guide them and give individual and small group lessons
11 Love for school, respect and learning is fostered with beautiful reality based themes such as geography with beautiful puzzle maps, care of the environment and awareness of nature, science, language, literature, art, music, and outdoor play, social skills, etiquette and languages

The prepared environment encourages the child’s sense of responsibility and independence. It encourages them to progress at their own pace  with the teacher as their guide.

Respect for each other, care for the environment and love of learning are some of the many benefits of Montessori Education.

”Our children consistently go into Kindergarten happy, confident, and above their peers in reading, comprehension, and mathematical knowledge. With beautiful materials and a peaceful classroom,  children learn academics through hands on learning,  without even knowing they are learning..”

I always smile when I see the numerous class photos covering the hallway wall. So many cute, little faces!!   Providing a strong foundation for life for these young children, and helping young families are my contributions to making the world a better place.

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